Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to diagnose migraine?



Migraine is the commonest cause of headache in the world, affecting about 15% of all women and 5% of all men. It affects younger people, affecting their education or employment. It is important to make an early and accurate diagnosis of migraine so that the best treatment can be started early.

Diagnosis of migraine is based on clinical signs and symptoms and usually no investigations are necessary.

Following features are suggestive of a migraine:

1. Headache- classically on one side of the head, but it may occur on both sides, it is described as pulsatile or throbbing type. Headache episodes last for more than 4 hours, and upto 72 hours.
2. Nausea (a feeling of vomiting) or vomiting
3. Photophobia or phonophobia- headache gets worse on exposure to bright light or noise.

Following features may not be suggestive of migraine and in these cases, one should consult a neurologist (a brain scan may be necessary):

1. Most severe headache of the lifetime,
2. Early morning headaches,
3. Drowsiness along with headache,
4. Weakness of one side of body,
5. Occurrence of fits or convulsions.

If you notice any of the above symptoms, please contact your neurologist or family doctor.

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sarvotham goud said...

Sir actually i got my cutted in an accident at that they do some alternate to be done aftr the operation my 3fingers of right hand always will be shivery nd touching sense is not yet being working so wht i had to do plzzz convey my problem nd answer me sir

sarvotham goud said...

Sir i got my right hand nerve cut in an accident at that time they made some operatins to settledown issue.aftr completing operation as the days going on my right hand 3finger frm thumb finger are in shivery nd touching sense wik not be plzzz make a suggestion what to do sir

rangaswamy said...

I have severe head from so many days.. Doctors have confirmed that its migrane... I have headache on both sides of my head nand near neck .i also feel vomiting and giddyness feeljng
can just tell us the precautions of the migrane and is this curable

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